Coat of arms of the Federal District (Brazil)

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Brasão do Distrito Federal (Brasil).svg

The coat of arms of the Brazilian Federal District was conceived by the poet Guilherme de Almeida, and instituted on September 12, 1960. Avoiding traditional heraldry, the design features innovative shapes, similar to the architecture of the Brazilian capital created by Oscar Niemeyer.

The shield, whose format is based on the columns of the Palácio da Alvorada, is divided into green and gold. The colours, however, are not of the shade of the Brazilian flag, resembling more the ones used on the flag of the Brazilian Federal District. It bears, in the center, a green shield with the so-called Cross of Brasília, formed of four diverging arrows that symbolize the action of power, topped by a meeting table, indicating to be there the place of the National Congress of Brazil. Below, in Latin, the motto of the District: venturis ventis ("to the coming winds").