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Coburg High School (CHS) is a school in Coburg, an inner northern suburb of Melbourne, Australia. Opened in 2007, the school caters to years 7 8 9 10, 11 and 12, with year 10 students taking some VCE subjects. In 2015, a first entry of year 7 students to the new Junior High School occurred, meaning years 7-12 will all be populated by 2017.

The school's teaching philosophy emphasises independent learning and differentiated instruction[1]


Coburg Senior High School opened its doors for the first time in January 2007, taking in 48 year 10 students. As part of expansion to meet population growth in the north of Melbourne, the Department of Education constructed brand new facilities to enlarge the School downward to years 7-9. This school opened in 2015 and is currently called 'Coburg Junior High School'[2] although the expectation is that the two will eventually be merged. The aim of the school expansion was also to relieve pressure on surrounding schools including Northcote High, which are oversubscribed. By 2017 the School will have a full complement of students in each year. Although the school has a local 'zone', given its newness it also accepts pupils from further afield.


Coburg Senior High School has an open plan design with 'learning commons' areas. There is heavy use of IT and Apple technology (students have to have their own Macbook tablet). The School advertises itself thus: "The consolidation of innovative educational practices that support academic excellence, and the creation of a workplace of learning that provides diverse pathways for students yet still require a broad and deep commitment to academic excellence". The Australian Government MySchools website entry is here and shows that of the 2013 cohort, 56% went on to university.


  • 2007–2016: Donny (Don) Collins.[3]
  • 2016–Incumbent: Andrew (Robby) Robertson (Temporary)
  • 2016-Incumbent: Noah (Nozzy) Mountjoy
  • 2017 Incumbent*: Stewart (Stewie) Milner


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