Cocklemore Brook

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Cocklemore Brook
Pewe Brook
Country England
Region West of England
District Wiltshire
Source Pitter's Farm
 - location Studley, Wiltshire, England
 - elevation 492 ft (150 m)
 - coordinates 51°25′02″N 2°04′06″W / 51.4171°N 2.0684°W / 51.4171; -2.0684
Mouth Bristol Avon
 - location Lackham, Wiltshire, England
 - elevation 197 ft (60 m)
 - coordinates 51°25′56″N 2°06′07″W / 51.4323°N 2.1019°W / 51.4323; -2.1019Coordinates: 51°25′56″N 2°06′07″W / 51.4323°N 2.1019°W / 51.4323; -2.1019
Length 2.5 mi (4 km), westerly
River system Bristol Avon

The Cocklemore Brook is a short tributary of the Bristol Avon, some 2.5 miles (4.0 km) long. It rises near Studley in Wiltshire in the West Country of England, and flows in a north and then westerly direction, passing underneath the former Wilts & Berks Canal before joining the Bristol Avon near Lackham House, now home to Lackham College. An alternate name of Pewe Brook is recorded in the 14th century.[1]


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