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Codex Corporation was a data communication company, based in Newton, Massachusetts.


The company was founded in July 1962 by James M. Cryer Jr. and Arthur Kohlenberg, with the support of Robert Gallager, who helped them as technology consultant [1].

The company made key contributions to the evolution of modems. In the late 1960s, Codex was the first company to mass-market high-speed, 9600 bits per second modems that were based on quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM), and was also the first to introduce large scale integrated circuits (LSI) in modems [2].

Codex Corporation had its initial public offering in 1968, and in the early 1970s it held about 20% of the high-speed modem market. After losing much of their profitable military business, headquartered in Mansfield, MA, the company was in 1981 acquired by Motorola.

In 2001, Motorola sold the remains of Codex Corporation to Platinum Equity and renamed it Vanguard Managed Solutions.[3]. Vanguard Managed Solutions was then renamed Vanguard Networks.