Codex Sangallensis 60

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The Codex Sangallensis 60, designated by 47 on the Beuron system, is an 8th-century Latin manuscript of the New Testament. The text is written on vellum. The manuscript contains the text of the Gospel of John 1:29–3:26 on 35 parchment leaves (27 × 18 ½ cm). It contains the Ammonian Sections and Eusebian Canons; it uses abbreviations.[1]

The Latin text of the Gospel of John 1:29–3:26 is a representative of the Western text-type in Itala recension. The text of the rest part of the Gospel represents Vulgate, although there are also some non-Vulgate readings in other parts of the Gospel of John.[2]

The codex was written in the West, possibly in the St. Gallen monastery, by an Irish monk in the 8th century.[1] It is located in the Abbey library of St. Gallen (60) at St. Gallen.[1]

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