Codex Vindobonensis Lat. 502

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The Codex Vindobonensis Lat. 502 (Vienna, Austrian National Library, Lat. 502), designated by v (in Beuron system), is a 7th-century Latin Gospel Book. The manuscript contains only 1 parchment folio (23.5 cm by 16.5 cm). It is known also as Fragmentum Vindobonense. The text is a version of the old Latin. It is entitled "Pactus legis Ripuarie". The writing is much faded.[1]

It contains only: John 19:27-20:11.[1]

The Latin text of the codex is a representative of the Western text-type in itala recension.

The text was transcribed and published by H. J. White in 1887.[2]

It was named Vindobonensis after Vienna, place of its housing.

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Further reading[edit]

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