Coffee cake

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Coffee cake
Apple coffee cake slices on a plate, two
Apple coffee cake
Type Cake
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A whole coffee cake still in a baking pan and topped with chopped nuts
A whole coffee cake topped with nuts

Coffee cake is a common cake or sweet bread available in many countries. It is generally intended to be eaten with coffee or tea (for example, as part of a breakfast meal), during a "coffee break" or offered to guests as a gesture of hospitality. Leavening agents include both yeast, which results in a more bread-like texture, and baking soda and/or baking powder, which results in a more cake-like texture. They are typically single layer cakes that may be square or rectangular like a Stollen, round, or ring shaped, as a bundt. Coffee cakes may be flavored with cinnamon or other spices, nuts, and fruits. These cakes sometimes have a crumb topping called streusel and/or a light glaze drizzle. Some similarity to teacakes may be found, though teacakes can be individually sized baked items served with tea.

In Hungary, there is a type of coffee cake called aranygaluska containing walnuts and cinnamon.[1]

See also[edit]

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