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Coherence, coherency, or coherent may refer to the following:


  • Coherence (physics), an ideal property of waves that enables stationary (i.e. temporally and spatially constant) interference
  • Coherence (units of measurement), a derived unit that, for a given system of quantities and for a chosen set of base units, is a product of powers of base units with no other proportionality factor than one
  • Coherence time, the time over which a propagating wave (especially a laser or maser beam) may be considered coherent; the time interval within which its phase is, on average, predictable
  • A system of units is Said to be Coherent ,if all the derived units can be obtained by multiplying or dividing its fundamental units such that no numerical factors are introduced.


  • Coherence (philosophical gambling strategy), a concept in Bayesian statistics
  • Coherence (signal processing), a statistic that can be used to examine the relation between two signals or data sets
  • Coherence (statistics), a property of self-consistency across a set of assessments, or the strength of association between two series
  • Coherence condition in category theory, a collection of conditions requiring that various compositions of elementary morphisms are equal
  • Coherent sampling, a relationship used in Fast Fourier transforms
  • Coherent set of characters in representation theory, a property of sets of characters that allows one to extend an isometry from the degree-zero subspace of a space of characters to the whole space
  • Coherent sheaf, a specific class of sheaves having particularly manageable properties closely linked to the geometrical properties of the underlying space
  • Mutual coherence (linear algebra), sometimes referred to as coherence, the maximum absolute value of the cross-correlations between the columns of a matrix
  • Multi-spectral phase coherence, a generalized nonlinear cross-frequency phase coupling metric introduced by Yang et al, 2016


  • Coherentism, philosophical theories in modern epistemology, the study of knowledge
  • Coherence theory of truth, a theory which regards truth as coherence within some specified set of sentences, propositions or beliefs

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