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Cohos Evamy is a Canadian architectural, engineering, interior design and planning firm. It operates as a single office shared between three established studios in Calgary, Edmonton, and Toronto.


Cohos Evamy was founded as an architecture and engineering studio in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1960, and quickly evolved into an interdisciplinary model under the leadership of Martin Cohos, FRAIC, Michael Evamy, FAIC and Paul Poffenroth, P.Eng. The Cohos Evamy Partners opened the Edmonton office in the 1980s.

In 2003, Cohos Evamy opened a Toronto, Ontario studio. Together, the three studios in Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto serve Canada from the West coast to the East coast. In 2010, Cohos Evamy merged with Vancouver-based architectural firm HBBH. In 2010, Coho Evamy renamed their firm to DIALOG.

Areas of practice[edit]

Areas of practice include architecture, programming, urban planning, interior design, graphics and 3D modelling, and structural, mechanical and electrical engineering. The practice includes designing buildings for retail, commercial office, education, health care institutions, research facilities, airports, retail petroleum stations and arts and cultural work.

As of 2007, the firm employed 248 people: 145 in Calgary, 75 in Edmonton, and 28 in Toronto.



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