Col de la Faucille

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Col de la Faucille
Elevation 1,323 m (4,341 ft)
Location Ain, France
Range Jura Mountains
Coordinates 46°22′N 06°02′E / 46.367°N 6.033°E / 46.367; 6.033Coordinates: 46°22′N 06°02′E / 46.367°N 6.033°E / 46.367; 6.033
Col de la Faucille is located in Alps
Col de la Faucille
Location of Col de la Faucille

Col de la Faucille is a high mountain pass in the department of Ain in the French Jura Mountains. It connects the town of Gex in Ain to the towns of Les Rousses and Saint-Claude in the department of Jura.

The Tour de France has traversed this category 2 climb 41 times, starting in 1911 and most recently in 2004.

The area has become popular as a ski resort known as Mijoux – Col de la Faucille.

The Mont Rond and the Col de la Faucille above the city of Gex in winter.

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