Cold Dark Matter

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For the cosmological hypothesis, see cold dark matter.
Cold Dark Matter
Studio album by Genesis P-Orridge & Psychic TV
Released 1992
Label Caroline Records SYARD 001
Psychic TV Studio Album chronology
Cold Dark Matter
Peak Hour

Cold Dark Matter is a remixed, reedited CD version of the Psychic TV album Themes, originally included with WEA/Some Bizzare 12" vinyl release of Force The Hand Of Chance.


Produced, Composed, Mixed and Edited by Genesis P-Orridge.

Instruments used: 300 Year old Tibetan Thigh Bone Trumpet; New Guinea Bamboo Bass Flute; African Tree Trunk Ceremonial Drum; Marcel Duchamp Ready-Made Bicycle Wheel; Burmese Temple Gong; Nepali Temple Bells; Tibetan Singing Bowl; John Cage Prepared Piano; African Gazelle Horn Pipe; Thai Military Bass Drum; Japanese Koto; one "found" and warped audio cassette of Christian Devotional Choir (actually original recordings made at Jonestown, Guyana prior to the mass suicides)


liner notes written by Alaura (Paula) P-Orridge.