Cold War (video game)

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Cold War
Cold War PC game cover.jpg
Developer(s) Mindware Studios
Publisher(s) DreamCatcher Games
Linux Game Publishing (Linux)
Runesoft (Mac OS X)
Distributor(s) Desura (Linux)
Engine MENG
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, Xbox, Linux, Mac OS X
Release date(s) Windows:
  • NA September 27, 2005
Genre(s) Stealth
Mode(s) Single-player

Cold War is a video game developed by Czech developer Mindware Studios and published by DreamCatcher Games (Linux Game Publishing for Linux). The game is similar to the Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series of games in that it uses a stealth-action system of gameplay. The game distinguishes itself by adding an item invention system where the player can use seemingly useless objects to create new tools and weapons. Also, the story of the game centers on a civilian reporter, so no extremely acrobatic moves are available to the player. Another aspect of the game is that the player can take many different approaches to winning the game. The game was released in North America for Microsoft Windows and Xbox on September 27, 2005. The Linux version was released on August 4, 2006.


Matthew Carter

Cold War takes place in 1986 and follows the story of a freelance journalist Matthew Carter who finds himself in the midst of an international conspiracy that aims to control the U.S.S.R.. Twelve hours after arriving in Moscow in hopes of gathering material for a Pulitzer Prize winning story, he finds himself thrown into KGB's political prison and framed for an attempted murder of the president. The reason for this was unknown, however, a unidentified female agent placed a prototype X-Ray camera in replacement with his original one. Carter noticed this unknown device and decided to capture a fire extinguisher for testing, but the chemicals in the flash powder caused the object to explode, making him visible to the guards.

Inside the prison, he met a former Soviet agent whom he agreed to accompany with. The two escaped by using a shaft to go to the outer areas of the prison. With each investigation, the agent helped Carter by assisting him from conspiracies.

Using only recovered weapons and improvised gadgets, he must now evade or overcome elite Soviet forces and defeat the conspiracy before he is sent to a Siberian prison camp or killed.


Cold War received more positive reviews on Linux, with Phoronix stating the game is "truly phenomenal" and that its "one of the best single-player shooters we have ever played on Linux."[2] LinuxGames awarded it 8 out of 10 penguins, commenting that the game was "the most enjoyable Linux gaming experience of 2006 so far."[3] PC Burn "heartily" recommended the game's Linux version.[4]