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Coldharbour ward is an administrative division of the London Borough of Lambeth. It is located in Brixton and, as the name suggests contains part of Coldharbour Lane.

Brixton tube station, Brixton railway station and Loughborough Junction railway station are located in the ward.

Coldharbour ward is located in the Dulwich and West Norwood Parliamentary constituency - it was formerly split between Vauxhall and Dulwich and West Norwood constituencies.

Lambeth Council elections 2010[edit]

At the Lambeth Council elections, 2010 residents of Coldharbour ward elected three Labour Party Councillors.

Lambeth Council elections 2014[edit]

At the 2014 election, residents of the Coldharbour ward elected three Labour Party councillors.

All three Green candidates finished as the runners up in fourth, fifth and sixth place, with the Conservatives in seventh, eighth and tenth. The Lib Dems lost almost 17% of the overall vote.

Since the election, one elected Labour councillor now sits as an independent Councillor following her resignation of the party whip.

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