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Colin Prior
Born 1958
Milngavie, Scotland
Nationality British
Occupation Photographer

Colin Prior, born in Milngavie, Glasgow in 1958, is a landscape photographer.[1]

Prior takes panoramic landscape photographs of Scotland and around the world. He uses the 617 panoramic format extensively in his work shooting Fuji Velvia generally in the "golden hour" at dawn and dusk. To date, Colin has worked on four calendar commissions for British Airways and has had several solo exhibitions, most notably The Scottish Visual Experience, Land's End and The World's Wild Places.

In 2007 his work on Canna helped boost visitor numbers to the National Trust for Scotland's HQ.[2]

More recently Colin has appeared on a number of TV Programmes in the UK, including The Adventure Show (BBC), Landward (BBC), Countryfile (BBC) and Weir's Way (STV). He has also guested on numerous topical programmes on BBC Radio Scotland.

Colin currently lives in Glasgow with his wife Geraldine and two children. He is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and a founding member of the International League of Conservation Photographers.[1][3]


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The Scottish Visual Experience, Linhof Gallery, London

Land’s End, Museum of Education, Glasgow

The World’s Wild Places, OXO Tower Gallery, London

The World’s Wild Places, Glasgow Science Centre


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