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The following is a complete list of books and other writings by Colin Thiele, the prolific Australian children's writer.

Children's books[edit]


  • Labourers in the Vineyard, 1970
  • The Seeds' Inheritance, 1986

Short Story[edit]

  • The Ghost of Gartenschmuck, from A Handful of Ghosts: Thirteen Eerie Tales by Australian authors; collected by Barbara Ker Wilson. 1976


  • Australian Poets Speak; Edited by Colin Thiele and Ian Mudie. 1961
  • Beginners, Please! One-Act Plays for Schools; Compiled by Colin Thiele and Greg Branson. 1964
  • Blue Fin, Educational Companion. 1978
  • The Book and the Media, 1976
  • Favourite Australian Stories; Compiled by Colin Thiele. 1963
  • Handbook to Favourite Australian Stories; Compiled by Colin Thiele. 1964
  • The Living Stage: One-Act Plays for Secondary Schools: Book 2; Edited by Colin Thiele and Greg Branson. 1970
  • Looking at Poetry; Edited by Colin Thiele. 1960
  • One-Act Plays for Secondary Schools: Book 3; Compiled by Colin Thiele and Greg Branson.
  • Plays for Young Players; Compiled by Colin Thiele and Greg Branson. 1970
  • Setting the Stage: One-Act Plays for Secondary Schools: Book 1; Edited by Colin Thiele and Greg Branson. 1969
  • The State of our State: Peeping At South Australia, Adelaide, 1952
  • Storm Boy, Educational Companion. 1976

Verse and Prose[edit]

General Literature[edit]


Spoken Word Recordings[edit]

Articles and Miscellanea[edit]

The articles here are writings with portions, though not the entire work necessarily, attributed to Colin Thiele.

  • Kapunda Memories
  • Hearts & Minds: Creative Australians and the Environment, with M Pollak and M MacNabb., 2000
  • D.B. Kerr and P.G. Pfeiffer's, Lost Angry Penguins, 2000
  • ReSearch98: Spotlight On Research In Education, 1998
  • Believe In Yourself: Who'd Want To Be A Writer?, 1996
  • Big Rig, in Big Rig and Other Poems, 1995
  • A Special Place In A Writer's World, 1992
  • Meet Colin Thiele, 1992
  • Dragnet, in After Dark: Seven Tales To Read At Night, 1992
  • Happy Birthday Rippa, 1991
  • Hi, I've Got Brown Eyes, from Classroom: The Magazine For Teachers, 1990
  • The Kindest Cut: Arthritis Snd Surgery, 1990
  • Behind Books, from The Spirit Of Place, 1990
  • Change and Short Change, 1990
  • The Candle and the Star, 1988
  • Foreword in Peter Killey's, My Word - My World, 1986
  • Society Expects Too Much Of Education, David Tonkin interviews Colin Thiele. 1985
  • A Child's Christmas, from SAM: South Australian Magazine. 1983
  • Inside story: Profiles in children's literature, 1983
  • Contributions to, Unlimited Scope, 1983
  • Foreword in, An Australian Bush Who's Who: Verses and Illustrations, 1983
  • Colin Thiele Opinion: The Journal of S.A.E.T.A., September 1982
  • Origins and Odysseys: Writers' Childhood Influences, July 1982
  • The Part-time Writer: The Agony and the Ecstasy, May 1980
  • Childhood and Change, November 1980
  • Sunrise and Starshine: A Boyhood Revisited, in The Early Dreaming: Australian Children's Authors on Childhood, 1980
  • Foreword from, South Australian Parks and Conservation, November 1979
  • The Bathers Opinion: The Journal of S.A.E.T.A., March 1979
  • A World of Living Books, 1978
  • Foreword from, Our magazine: The Writers Club of the Helping Hand, 1977
  • Shall we make a film of your book?, 1976
  • Roll on Port Lincoln, 1973
  • The Dragon's Rampage, from The Too-Many Professors and Other Stories, 1973
  • A Farewell to Wattle Park, 1972
  • The Quality of Experience, May 1972
  • Things Books Grow From, or Why Books Germinate, and How They Are Affected By The Climate and The Gardner, August 1970
  • The Educator at the Party, November 1969
  • No Man Bathes Twice In The Same River, August 1968
  • Grass Roots and Far Horizons, 1967
  • Four poems, for ASEA Bulletin, October 1967
    • Wintering
    • Eclipse
    • Radiation Victim
    • Shall Such A Love
  • Creative English in Primary Schools, November 1967
  • Storm Boy from Woman's Day, March 1965
  • Lady Franklin in South Australia Tradition, April 1964
  • Lutheran Landing, Port Misery, 1838, November 1963
  • Flying the Bight, November 1962
  • Dark Room, November 1962
  • School Hymn, for Seacombe High School, 1962
  • The Secondary School Teacher, May 1958
  • Two Homecomers, November 1943