Colle del Melogno

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Colle del Melogno
Colle del Melogno.jpg
Elevation 1,028 m (3,373 ft)
Traversed by SP 490
Location Liguria, Italy
Range Ligurian Alps
Coordinates 44°13′49″N 8°11′48″E / 44.2304°N 08.1968°E / 44.2304; 08.1968Coordinates: 44°13′49″N 8°11′48″E / 44.2304°N 08.1968°E / 44.2304; 08.1968
Colle di Melogno is located in Alps
Colle di Melogno
Colle di Melogno
Location of Colle di Melogno

Colle del Melogno (1028 m) is a mountain pass in the Province of Savona in Italy. It is located on the main chain of the Alps and connects Ceva and Calizzano with Magliolo and Finale Ligure, on the coast of Ligurian Sea.


The pass is also accessible by off-road mountain paths and is crossed by the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri, a long-distance trail from Ventimiglia (province of Imperia) to Bolano (province of La Spezia).[1]

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