College of Printing Arts

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College of Printing Arts
Former names
Polygraph college № 56
Type College
Established 1922
Location Moscow, Russia
Coordinates: 55°40′07.37″N 37°44′34.66″E / 55.6687139°N 37.7429611°E / 55.6687139; 37.7429611
Affiliations Moscow State University of Printing Arts,
Website College of Printing Arts

Polygraph college № 56 — an educational institution in Moscow. College prepares professionals vocational education and provides training in the printing industry. The structure of the training focuses on professional education programs of basic and advanced levels of primary and secondary education. At the end of college graduates are awarded the qualification and level.

College Departments[edit]

Sovkhoznaya ulitsa, 2[edit]

Former Polygraph Lyceum № 314 - created in September 1977. Over the years the school has repeatedly changed its status. During these years the school has trained about 4.500 thousand professionals from 12 professions for the printing industry.

Poltavskaya ulitsa, 3[edit]

Former vocational school № 25 - dates back to 1931. In Moscow, the construction of the Publishing House "True" and for the preparation of printers has been created factory school. In addition to training highly qualified graduates in the subdivision developed persistent tradition in the organization of extracurricular and leisure time educational work. The results of this work by numerous diplomas, and certificates of thanks received by students and staff.[1]

Kirovogradskaya ulitsa, 23[edit]

Former Vocational School № 205 - created in 1987. Teaching staff to start from scratch. But having overcome all the difficulties, the youngest division of successfully preparing competitive workers and specialists for businesses, organizations and institutions of publishing and printing industry in Moscow.

Velozavodskaya ulitsa, 8[edit]

One of the oldest schools in the capital. His ancestor is the FZU school, founded in 1922 based on the First Obraztsova typography. In 1962, due to the transformation of labor force was renamed the Moscow city vocational school № 3.

Educational activities[edit]

Polygraph college № 56 carries out training programs:[2]

Operator of e-recruitment[clarification needed] and layout, printer plane (offset) printing, binder, secretary, mechanic; oublishing, printing and production, management in the printing industry, design (in printing); training of specialists and workers in occupations and college majors.

In 2010, the college said 70 years of professional education in Russia.[3]


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