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Lit Brothers Department Store, 701-39 Market Street, Philadelphia (1893-1907).
Central Presbyterian Church, 704-14 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia (1877).

Charles M. Autenrieth (1828–1906) was an American architect whose practice was centered in Philadelphia. From 1852 to 1902, he was in partnership with Edward Collins, and thereafter with his son, Charles M. Autenrieth, Jr.

Autenrieth was born in Wurtenburg, Germany, and came to the United States in 1849. He found positions first with Philadelphia architect Samuel Sloan, and then John McArthur, Jr. In 1852, entered into a partnership with fellow German immigrant Edward Collins (1821-1902).

The architectural firm of Collins & Autenrieth designed buildings for both private individuals and civic institutions. The Lea family served as clients for many commissions.

Collins & Autenrieth designed the first store for Lit Brothers at 735-39 Market Street (NE corner 8th & Market) in 1893. As the store grew, they expanded it into 731-33 Market (1895), 723-29 Market (1896), and, at the other end of the block, 701-07 Market (1907).

Much of Collins & Autenrieth's work centered upon Philadelphia's German immigrant community.

At least two of Collins & Autenrieth's works are listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.[1]

Architectural Work - Partial Listing[edit]

Philadelphia Contributionship, Philadelphia. Collins & Autenrieth added the marble porch and the mansard roof, 1866-67.

Philadelphia buildings[edit]

Demolished/unbuilt buildings[edit]