Colonel Tshatshi Military Camp

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The Colonel Tshatshi Military Camp (French, Camp Militaire Colonel Tshatshi) is a military compound and headquarters of the Military of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The base pays host to the defense department, and the Joint Chiefs of staff central command headquarters. It also surrounds two previous Presidential palaces.

It is named for Joseph Damien Tshatshi, a military soldier who was assassinated in 1966. Tshatshi seems to have been assassinated during the Simba Rebellion on July 23 1966. That day, the Katangais du régiment Baka se mutinent pour une question de solde et les Diabos du 12e bataillon katangais commando assassinated Colonel Tshatshi, the commander of the 5e Brigade mécanisée of the Armee Nationale Congolaise (ANC).[1]


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