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The following is a list of the professional sports teams that have played games and been based in the state of Colorado:


Major League Baseball[edit]

National League[edit]

Minor League Baseball[edit]

American Association[edit]

  • Denver Zephyrs (moved to New Orleans) (also played in Western League and Pacific Coast League) (also known as Denver Bears)

Pioneer League[edit]

Pacific Coast League[edit]

  • Colorado Springs Sky Sox AAA League for Milwaukee Brewers
  • Denver Bears (also played in Western League and American Association) (also known as Denver Zephyrs) (moved to New Orleans)

Texas-Louisiana League[edit]

Western League[edit]


American Basketball Association[edit]

American Basketball League[edit]

National Basketball Association[edit]

  • Denver Nuggets (also played in American Basketball Association) (also known as Denver Rockets)

National Women's Basketball League[edit]

Minor League Basketball[edit]

American Basketball Association[edit]

International Basketball Association[edit]

National Basketball Association Development League[edit]


Arena Football League[edit]

Colorado Football Conference[edit]

Indoor Football League[edit]

Indoor Professional Football League[edit]

Legends Football League[edit]

National Football League[edit]

National Indoor Football League[edit]

Professional Indoor Football League[edit]

United Indoor Football[edit]

United States Football League[edit]

American Professional Football League II[edit]


National Hockey League[edit]

Colorado Rockies (moved to New Jersey)

World Hockey Association[edit]

  • Denver Spurs (moved to Ottawa; defunct) (also played in Western Hockey League and Central Hockey League)

Minor League Hockey[edit]

Central Hockey League[edit]

International Hockey League[edit]

United States Hockey League[edit]

West Coast Hockey League[edit]

Western Hockey League[edit]

  • Denver Invaders (moved from Spokane) (moved to Victoria; defunct)
  • Denver Spurs (also played in Central Hockey League and World Hockey Association) (moved to Ottawa; defunct)


Major League Lacrosse[edit]

National Lacrosse League[edit]


Major League Soccer[edit]

North American Soccer League[edit]

Professional Arena Soccer League[edit]

Minor League Soccer[edit]


Major Soccer League[edit]

United Soccer League[edit]