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In Tibetan Buddhist cultures, coloured hats are sometimes used to symbolise attitudes towards various different abstract concepts. Several sects are distinguished by the colour of their hats:

In computing slang, hackers and crackers are identified according to their intentions.

  • White hat hacker, who hacks for beneficial purposes
  • Black hat hacker, who hacks for malevolent purposes
  • Grey hat hacker, who hacks with ambiguous ethics

Also in computing is a business company called Red Hat.

In the educational theories of Edward de Bono, six coloured hats represent six thinking states.

  • White hat – Facts & Information
  • Red hat – Feelings & Emotions
  • Black hat – Critical Judgement
  • Yellow hat – Positive
  • Green hat – New Ideas
  • Blue hat – The Big Picture

In Chinese culture, a green hat symbolises a cuckold. This issue is addressed in the movie, Green Hat.