Colt Island

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Colt Island
Native name: Inis Coilt
Colt Island is located in island of Ireland
Colt Island
Colt Island
Location Irish Sea
Coordinates 53°35′05″N 6°05′20″W / 53.58472°N 6.08889°W / 53.58472; -6.08889Coordinates: 53°35′05″N 6°05′20″W / 53.58472°N 6.08889°W / 53.58472; -6.08889
Province Leinster
County Dublin
Population 0

Colt Island (Irish: Inis Coilt) is the closest and smallest of three low-lying, uninhabited islands off the headland of Skerries, Fingal, County Dublin in Ireland.more information about this island needs to be updated


The origin of the original, Irish, name is unknown although it has been proposed to be related to a food source.[1] The anglicised version of the name cannot be a translation as the Irish word for a colt is bromach.[2]


It is an island of low cliffs and lies about 0.5 km from the mainland, with vegetation consisting of grasses, brambles and other species such as hogweed. Like the other two Skerries Islands, it is important for breeding seabirds and wintering water fowl.


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