Columbia City Paper

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Columbia City Paper
Type Alternative weekly
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) Independent
Publisher Paul Blake
Founded 2005
Headquarters Columbia, South Carolina,
United States
Circulation 15,000[1]

Columbia City Paper was a free alternative newspaper in Columbia, South Carolina featuring investigative articles, political commentary, humor, music, arts and entertainment coverage. Founded in August 2005 by Paul F. Blake the paper is based in Columbia, South Carolina. Columbia City Paper is distributed throughout South Carolina's capital city and its suburbs. Its circulation is 15,000 every other week.[1] According to [1] The State newspaper, "The publication continues to establish its voice, and possibly most important, people still talk about it." The newspaper was sued multiple times, most notably in 2007 as the case's punitive damages were reversed in appeals court in September, 2011. The newspaper continued to publish four years after aforementioned lawsuit. The publisher relocated to Vietnam in December, 2010 and decided to end publication with its 200th issue in September 2011, just prior to its six-year anniversary.[2]


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Columbia City Paper also covers [12] Music and the [13] Arts every issue as well as a variety of [14]environmental issues.

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