Coma (Pendulum song)

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Single by Pendulum
from the album 3 Knocks
Released July 1997 (1997-07)
Genre Ambient house
Songwriter(s) DJ Noel, DJ Julian
Producer(s) Pendulum

"Coma" is the third single by Australian ambient house band Pendulum. The single was released in July 1997 and peaked at #46 on the ARIA Singles Chart spending just 2 weeks on the Chart.[1] It was later included on the album 3 Knocks and Triple J Hottest 100, 1997, where it ranked #32. It was the final single release from the band as they split in early 1998.

  • The song contains the lyrics "Hug me till you drug me honey; Kiss me till I'm in a coma", taken from the novel Brave New World.
  • The song also contains the sound of a doorbell; presumably a soundbyte from the movie A Clockwork Orange (film), specifically the doorbell at Mr. Frank Alexander's house.
  • The start of the song contains the sample "Ever since I was born I've been trained to serve you", a line from the 1988 movie Coming to America
  • The track also contains sounds from the movie Natural Born Killers.


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