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"Welcome to Combermere" Waterford, St. Michael, Barbados

Combermere School, is a secondary school, located in Waterford, St. Michael, Barbados.


The school also offers a music program and the band has won awards at the National Independence Festival for the Creative Arts (NIFCA). Combermere has 54 teachers including one guidance counsellor. Most hold bachelor's degrees in the subject area they are teaching, with at least three holding doctorates.


Other than the Principal, the Deputy Principal and 6 Year heads for 1st form through to the Upper Sixth , the School has 12 Departments which are headed by 12 Senior Teachers. They include Chemistry, Mathematics, Geography/Social Studies & Environmental Science, Physics, Biology & Home Economics, English, Music & Fine Arts, Physical Education, Technical & Vocational Studies, History, Foreign Languages and the Business Studies Department. There are dedicated labs/ rooms for Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Physics, Languages, Music, Computer Science and Food and Nutrition. The school has a pavilion equipped with a gym and changing rooms. There are 2 Fields, a cricket pitch, shooting range, basket/netball and tennis/volley ball courts. A meteorological station is also included on the premises, a library as well as an auditorium - The Major Noot Hall.

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