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The Combined Joint Operations from the Sea - Centre of Excellence (CJOS COE) is a multinational military Centre of Excellence located in Norfolk, Virginia, accredited by NATO. The current director is Vice Admiral Nora W. Tyson, US Navy (Deputy Commander U.S. Fleet Forces Command),[1] and the current Deputy Director is Commodore P Titterton of the British Royal Navy.[2]


Working in conjunction with the Commander U.S. Fleet Forces, the CJOS COE will provide a focus for the Sponsoring Nations and NATO in improving allied ability to conduct Combined Joint Operations from the sea in order to ensure that current and emerging global security challenges can be successfully tackled. The CJOS COE aims to become the pre-eminent source of innovative specialist advice and expertise on all Multi-National aspects of Combined Joint Operations from the Sea in support of the Sponsoring Nations, NATO and other non-NATO allies.


The CJOS COE was established on May 31, 2006, by the signing of two Memoranda of Understanding (MOU): - the Operational MOU between the Ministry of Defense's of the host nation (United States) and twelve additional Sponsoring Nations; the MOU formally establishes the CJOS COE and makes provisions for its operation, funding, manning, equipment, and infrastructure, as well as for its administrative and logistical support; - the Functional MOU establishes the functional relationship between HQ SACT and the CJOS COE. This MOU has been signed by Strategic Allied Command - Transformation and the thirteen Sponsoring Nations.


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