Comfort and Joy (2003 film)

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Comfort and Joy
Comfort and Joy FilmPoster.jpeg
Written byJudd Parkin
Directed byMaggie Greenwald
StarringNancy McKeon
Steven Eckholdt
Paul Dooley
Andrew Chalmers
Dixie Carter
Jordy Benattar
Maria Herrera
Theme music composerDavid Mansfield
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
ProducerCathy Mickel Gibson
CinematographyChecco Varese
EditorKeith Reamer
Running time89 min.
Production companyLifetime Television
Original networkLifetime
Original releaseDecember 1, 2003 (2003-12-01)

Comfort and Joy is a 2003 American made-for-television romantic drama film directed by Maggie Greenwald and starring Nancy McKeon as Jane Berry. The life of Jane Berry was all materialist, until one Christmas Eve, she is involved in a car accident that changes her life forever. She wakes up to discover she is the mother of two, a wife and that her only job is in the house, besides her frequent volunteer work. The film originally aired on the Lifetime cable network in December 1, 2003.


Jane Berry is a successful, single entrepreneur, who is Vice President of Ad Agency, has a luxury apartment and a Jaguar. On Christmas, when she is driving to a company party, she gets lost in her Jaguar, has an accident and hits a pole. Sam (Steven Eckholdt) comes to her rescue to get her out of her car (which is now a station wagon) and tells her that he's her husband for the past 10 years and she has 2 children with him. That's when she realized she was in an alternate reality; her clothes were different, and her car changed from a Jaguar to a station wagon. Ten years ago, she dumped her boyfriend and left her job for Sam. Jane is confused by her new world, where she is a new Jane who is completely different from the old one.

Slowly she starts getting used to her new life. After an argument with her parents at Christmas dinner, she is completely impressed by Sam and her family. She kisses Sam and again swoons, finding herself in her Jaguar again after the accident. Sam comes to her rescue and she is back in her other world. She tells Sam that she knows him and is in love with him, which Sam is shocked to hear. They move together to Sam's house to lead a happy life in the future.[1]



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