Comic Roots

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Comic Roots
Genre Biography
Starring Keith Allen
Nicholas Ball
Roy Barraclough
Billy Dainty
Les Dawson
Nev Goodwyn
Irene Handl
Roy Hudd
Michael Palin
Sandy Powell
Alexei Sayle
Paul Shane
Graham Stuart-Harris
Kenneth Williams
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 8
Running time 8x30 minutes
Original network ITV
Original release 2 August 1982 – 2 September 1983

Comic Roots was a British television series from the early 1980s, documenting the biographies and influences of a number of popular comedians of the era.

Episodes included features on Les Dawson, and Alexei Sayle. Sayle converted his own documentary into an impromptu pub crawl.


Series one (1998)[edit]

  1. Les Dawson's Lancashire (2 August 1982)
  2. Roy Hudd's Croydon (9 August 1982)
  3. Irene Handl's London (16 August 1982)
  4. Paul Shane's Rotherham (16 August 1982)

Series two (1999)[edit]

  1. Michael Palin (12 August 1983)
  2. Billy Dainty (19 August 1983)
  3. Alexei Sayle (26 August 1982)
  4. Kenneth Williams (2 September 1983)