Comic Yuri Hime S

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Comic Yuri Hime S
Yuri Hime S magazine.jpg
Cover of the first issue of Comic Yuri Hime S featuring characters from Honey Crush.
Categories Shōnen/Seinen manga[1]
Frequency Quarterly
First issue June 18, 2007
Final issue 2010
Company Ichijinsha
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Website Official website

Comic Yuri Hime S (コミック百合姫S, Komikku Yuri Hime S, lit. Comic Lily Princess S) was a quarterly yuri manga magazine published by Ichijinsha. The first issue was published on June 18, 2007. It was the sister magazine of Comic Yuri Hime. The contributors were mostly shōnen and seinen manga authors. The magazine is aimed at male readers,[1] and included moe elements. In 2010 it was merged with Comic Yuri Hime.[2]

Serialized manga[edit]


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