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Comiskey may refer to:


  • Andrew Comiskey, American Christian theologian
  • Barrett Comiskey, American inventor, founder and CEO of Migo
  • Brendan Comiskey, former Roman Catholic bishop of the Diocese of Ferns
  • Dan Comiskey, offensive lineman for the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League
  • Patrick Comiskey, American journalist and wine writer
  • An American family in the history of the Baseball team Chicago White Sox:
    • Charles Comiskey (1859–1931), player, manager, team owner
    • J. Louis Comiskey (1885–1939), son of Charles, inherited the White Sox
    • Grace Comiskey (1894–1956), widow of Louis, inherited the White Sox
    • Dorothy Comiskey Rigney (1917–1971), daughter of Louis and Grace, inherited a majority interest in the White Sox
    • Chuck Comiskey (1925–2007), son of Louis and Grace, inherited a minority interest in the White Sox