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Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) Network
CREW Network Logo.jpg
Founded January 1, 1989
with 11 Chapters and 1,100 members
Founder CREW-National
(Commercial Real Estate Women-National)
Type Women's Organization
Focus Advancement of Women
Area served
U.S.A and Canada
Method Research initiative, Professional development sessions and Business networking
Slogan To advance the success of women in commercial real estate.
Website CREW Network

Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) Network is a North American business networking organization dedicated to the advancement of women in commercial real estate. CREW Network was founded in 1989, and aims to build an organization of local, progressive chapters combined with a national agenda to advance the success of women.

Over 9,500 CREW Network members represent nearly every discipline within the industry and are located in over 70 major markets across North America.


Year Progress
1980s Several independent organizations were formed in various cities, each sharing the common goal of bringing together women involved in the many aspects of commercial real estate to exchange information, develop business contacts, and to help each other succeed professionally.
1986 A federation of these local groups was being formed on the east coast. Known as CREW-National (Commercial Real Estate Women-National)
1987 CREW-National held its first convention in Washington, DC and members of WICRE-NN attended, as did several "unaffiliated" groups from around the country who had learned of the federations
1988 At the WICRE-NN convention in Los Angeles, the board of directors from the east and west coast federations signed the bylaws of NNCREW - the National Network of Commercial Real Estate Women
1989 The first NNCREW national convention was held in Baltimore
2001 The organization’s name was changed to CREW Network
2005 The launch of CREW Careers: Building Opportunities, an interactive program developed by CREW Foundation to introduce teenage girls to the many career opportunities available to them in the commercial real estate industry

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