Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 1986

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9th Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting
Dates 3 August 1986
5 August 1986
Cities United Kingdom London, United Kingdom
Chair Margaret Thatcher
(Prime Minister)
Follows 1985
Precedes 1987
Key points

The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 1986 was the ninth Meeting of the Heads of Government of the Commonwealth of Nations. It was held in London, the United Kingdom, between 3 August 1986 and 5 August 1986, and was hosted by that country's Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. This was a special meeting held in between the biennial CHOGMs in order to consider the recommendations of the Commonwealth Eminent Persons Group regarding economic sanctions against South Africa due to its policies of apartheid. British prime minister Margaret Thatcher's refusal to support mandatory sanctions resulted in an acrimonious meeting and almost led to a split in the Commonwealth.