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Community Unit School District 20 is a unified school district located in the southern Illinois town of Lawrenceville, the county seat of Lawrence County. Altogether, the district has three schools: one elementary school, one middle school, and one high school. The district elementary school, Parkside Elementary School, serves kindergarten through grade five. It also runs a prekindergarten program. The school is run by principal Barbara Large.[1] Parkview Junior High School, which educates students in grades six through eight, is run by Corrie Ray.[2] Lawrenceville High School, originally known as Lawrence Township High School, is the last branch of education in the district. It serves grades nine through twelve, and is headed by Paul Higginbotham.[3]The district superintendent is Charles Stegall.[4]

Clubs and Activities[edit]

Lawrenceville High School is home to a variety of clubs, including a National Beta Club, an FFA club, a Spanish club, a drama club, and a varsity Scholastic Bowl team. The high school also runs a choir and band.[5]

Parkview Junior High School also sports a Beta Club, a drama club, and a Scholastic Bowl team, although it is by limited in comparison to the number of clubs at Lawrenceville High School. They also have a band in Southern Illinois [6]


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