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The tools listed here support emulating[1] or simulating APIs and software systems. They are also called[2] API mocking tools, service virtualization tools, over the wire test doubles and tools for stubbing and mocking HTTP(S) and other protocols.[1] They enable component testing in isolation.[3]

In alphabetical order by name (click on a column heading to sort by that column):

Name FOSS Free Supported protocols and APIs Has a GUI Scriptable/Programmable Docker support Cloud offering
API Simulator No; Proprietary[4] Yes HTTP/2 with TLS ALPN; HTTP/2 with prior knowledge; HTTP/2 upgrade from HTTP/1.1; HTTP/1.x with and without TLS/SSL; HTTP(S) Yes[5] Yes[6][7] Yes[8] No
apiUi [9] Yes; GPL v3.0[10] Yes HTTP(S); STOMP, Wsdl; Swagger; OpenApi; Cobol Yes[11] Yes[12] Yes[13] No
Beeceptor [14] No; Proprietary[15] Yes (Free plan) HTTP1.1; HTTP2; HTTP(S); SOAP, MITM/Proxing; Swagger; OpenApi; TLS 1.2; XML; Local tunneling Yes Yes[16] No Yes
Camouflage Yes; MIT[17] Yes HTTP(S), HTTP/2 gRPC, Websockets, Thrift Yes[18] Yes[19] Yes[20] No
Castle Mock Yes; Apache 2[21] Yes HTTP(S) Yes Yes Yes No
Charles Proxy No; Proprietary[22] No HTTP(S) Yes No No No
Ekko Proxy No; Proprietary Yes (non commercial use)[23] HTTP(S), JDBC; WSDL, Swagger, OpenApi, JWT. Yes[24] Yes (Scriptable) Yes No
HAM Yes; MIT Yes HTTP(S), SOAP, MITM/Proxing, Swagger, XML, JSON, Jackson-Smile, Brotli, Record, Replay, Automatic tests, Schema verification Yes (Web) Yes (Dynamic Javascript and Java Plugins) Yes No
Hoverfly Yes; Apache 2[25] Yes HTTP(S) Yes Yes Yes Yes [26]
HTTP Toolkit Yes; AGPL[27] Yes (Hobbyist Edition)[28] HTTP(S) Yes No No No
Int4 IFTT No; Proprietary No HTTP(S), Middleware virtualization: SAP Process Orchestration, SAP Intelligent Suite, Dell Boomi, Software AG Webmethods, SAP IDOCs Yes Yes No No
Karate Yes; MIT[29] Yes HTTP(S), Java interop[30] No Yes[30] No No
Mockadillo No; Proprietary No HTTP(S)[31] Yes Yes No Yes
Mocklets No; Proprietary[32] Yes HTTP(S) Yes No No Yes [33]
Mockoon Yes; MIT[34] Yes HTTP(S)[35] Yes Yes Yes [36] No
MockServer Yes; Apache 2[37] Yes HTTP(S) Yes[38] Yes Yes No
Mountebank Yes; MIT[39] Yes HTTP(S), TCP, SMTP[40] No Yes[41] Yes[42] No No; Proprietary Yes (Free plan)[43] gRPC, gRPC-web Yes Yes[44][45] No Yes
NetOcean No; Proprietary No Web Services Protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, HTTP2, REST, SOAP, Hessian

Others: IMAP, FTP, DNS, XML, JSON, WebSocket

ESB / Middleware Protocols, TIBCO JMS

Database Protocols: JDBC

Proprietary: TCP, UDP

Platforms: TIBCO-EMS, IBM-MQ, Kafka


SMS Gateway Providers: SMTP, POP3

Bill Payments Services: Gift card- PINPAD, AJB

Yes Yes Yes Yes
Parasoft Virtualize No; Proprietary Yes (Community Edition)[46] AMQP, FIX, FTP, HTTP(S), ISO 8583, JMS,
JDBC, MQ, MQTT, .NET WCF, RabbitMQ, SAP, TCP/IP, etc.[47]
Yes Yes Yes[48] Yes
Postman No; Proprietary Yes (Free Edition)[49] HTTP(S) Yes Yes (JSON Examples) No Yes
ProxyMan No; Proprietary Yes,[50] (Limited) HTTP(S), Websockets Yes Yes[51] No No
QuickMocker No; Proprietary Yes (Free Subscription)[52] HTTP(S) Yes Yes[53] No Yes
Rapidmock No; Proprietary[54] Yes (Free Edition) HTTP(S) Yes No No Yes
sMockin Yes; Apache 2[55] Yes HTTP, Websockets, Server Side Events, plus tools for real time monitoring & live response modification Yes Yes Yes No
Smocker Yes; MIT[56] Yes HTTP(S)[57] Yes Yes Yes No No; Proprietary[58] Yes [59] HTTP(S) Yes Yes No Yes
simulado Yes; MIT[60] Yes HTTP(S) No Yes Yes Yes
SoapUI MockServer Yes; EUPL[61] Yes HTTP(S)[62] Yes[62] No[62] No[62] No[62]
Stoplight Yes; Prism[63] Yes (Free Edition)[64] HTTP(S) and generate mocks directly from OpenAPI Yes Yes Yes Yes
Traffic Parrot No; Proprietary[65] No;[66] HTTP(S) including REST and SOAP


JMS (ActiveMQ TCP, ActiveMQ AMQP 1.0, Azure AMQP 1.0, RabbitMQ AMQP 0.9.1, IBM® WebSphere MQ 7.5+)

Native IBM® WebSphere MQ 7.5+


AMQP 1.0

File transfers over a filesystem

Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)

Azure Service Bus AMQP 1.0 [67]

In beta:[68] FIX, FAST, FIXatdl, SWIFT, MQTT, SonicMQ, Kafka, CORBA, FTP, SFTP, .NET WCF, RMI, MTP, TIBCO EMS, CICS, SAP RFC, JDBC, Mongo, Databases, OFX, IFX, RIXML, AS2, Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), AWS IoT Message Broker, XMPP, Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), Azure Event Grid, Azure Event Hubs, STOMP, Avro, HTTP/2 (HTTP2), LWM2M, CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol), ZeroMQ, Broker-J (BrokerJ), Qpid, QUIC and gQUIC (Google QUIC)

Yes[65] Yes[69] Yes[65] Yes[70][65]
tweak No; Proprietary Yes HTTP(S) Yes No No No
Wilma Yes; GPL v3.0[71] Yes [72] HTTP(S) Yes Yes Yes [73] No
Wiremock Yes; Apache 2[74] Yes HTTP(S) No Yes Yes Yes [75]
WireMock.Net Yes; Apache 2[76] Yes HTTP(S) No Yes Yes [77][78] No
Wiresham Yes; Apache 2[79] Yes TCP No Yes No No

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