Comparison of anti-plagiarism software

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The following tables compare software used for plagiarism detection.


Software Developer First public release Latest stable version License Deployment options Scripts supported Notes
Copyscape Indigo Stream Technologies, Ltd. 2004 freemium[1] Latin Targeted at website managers.[2]
Grammarly Grammarly, Inc. 2016 freemium SaaS Latin Checks against ProQuest databases and (public) web pages.[3]
HelioBLAST Virginia Bioinformatics Institute ? (free of charge web service) Latin Submissions are limited to 1,000 words. Checking against abstract and titles in Medline/PubMed.[4]
iThenticate iParadigms 2004 2017 proprietary Latin
PlagScan PlagScan GmbH 2008 limited SaaS Latin, Cyrillic & Arabic[5][6] Submissions are checked against (public) online documents, a (private) shared repository, and the user's own (private) repository.[7]
PlagTracker Devellar 2011 freemium Latin, Cyrillic Rated as "Useless for academic purposes" by Plagiats Portal[8]
Turnitin iParadigms 1997 proprietary Latin & multiple scripts through translation [9] Automatically stores uploaded texts (submitted for checking) in its own database.[10]
Unicheck Unicheck 2014 SaaS proprietary SaaS Latin, Cyrillic Pricing "per page" based on 137.5 words per nominal page.[11]


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