Compass Cay

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Compass Cay
Compass Cay is located in Bahamas
Compass Cay
Compass Cay
The location of Compass Cay within the Bahamas
LocationAtlantic Ocean
Coordinates24°16′N 76°31′W / 24.267°N 76.517°W / 24.267; -76.517Coordinates: 24°16′N 76°31′W / 24.267°N 76.517°W / 24.267; -76.517
ArchipelagoLucayan Archipelago

Compass Cay is an island in The Bahamas, located in the Exuma district. The island, notable for its naturally-protected harbor, has been outfitted with a beach lodge and a marina.[1] The island also has a famed population of docile nurse sharks. The nurse sharks in the marina have become a popular tourist attraction, bringing in visitors from as far as the island of Nassau. The marina has a small shop with trinkets and snacks. It is also developing a restaurant. There is a large maze of mangroves that lead out from the marina. Walking throughout the island, you can find a beach and a "landing strip," a long patch of sand only visible at low tide.[2]


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