Competition Stableford Adjustment

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In golf, the Competition Stableford Adjustment (CSA) is a method used to adjust a player's score at the end of a round. With this method, every player can be added 1, 2 or 3 or subtracted 1 stableford points from his/her score, which affects how much their handicap is modified after the match. The reason behind this amendment is to even out scores that deviate particularly from the expected average under normal conditions: this might be because of bad weather or conditions of the course which are not optimal; on the contrary, points are subtracted on particularly favorable days. The amount of the adjustment is determined by calculating how many players performed much better or much worse compared to their ability, measured as a percentage of all competitors, and then comparing to appropriate tables published by the relevant golf association.

Despite its name, this method can be applied in all types of stroke play, including medal play, though the points need to be converted in stableford format beforehand.