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Cover of Computer!Totaal
Cover of Computer!Totaal
Circulation 95 451 (2010)[1]
Publisher IDG Communications Nederland
First issue January 1992 (1992-01)
Country Netherlands
ISSN 0927-2739

Computer!Totaal, conveniently abbreviated as C!T, is a Dutch monthly magazine about computers and related subjects. C!T is published by IDG Nederland and part of IDG's PC World product line.[2] Computer!Totaal is the largest computer magazine of the Netherlands.[3]

Originally, C!T was the newsletter of the Hobby Computer Club (HCC) and was called HCC Nieuwsbrief, which was later renamed to the current name. On 1 October 2008, IDG and HCC terminated their co-operation. From that date onwards, HCC membership and the HCC Nieuwsbrief subscription were no longer linked.[4]

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