Computer Animation and Social Agents

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Computer Animation and Social Agents (CASA) was founded in 1988 in Geneva, Switzerland and it is the oldest international conference in computer animation and social agents in the world.


Conference Venue Year Country
CASA 2016 University of Geneva 2016 Switzerland
CASA 2015 Nanyang Technological University 2015 Singapore
CASA 2014 University of Houston 2014 USA
CASA 2013 Bilkent University, Sabanci University, and Microsoft Turkey 2013 Turkey
CASA 2012 Nanyang Technological University 2012 Singapore
CASA 2011 University of Electronic Science and Technology 2011 China
CASA 2010 Palais du Grand-Large, Saint-Malo 2010 France
CASA 2009 Het Trippenhuis, Amsterdam 2009 The Netherlands
CASA 2008 Grand Hilton Seoul 2008 Korea
CASA 2007 Hasselt University 2007 Belgium
CASA 2006 University of Geneva 2006 Switzerland
CASA 2005 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 2005 Hong Kong
CASA 2004 Geneva 2004 Switzerland
CASA 2003 Rutgers University, New Jersey 2003 USA


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