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Computer Boy is a 2000 short film by Australian director Abe Forsythe. It is a parody of The Matrix. It gained a cult following after being released over the internet, receiving over 350,000 views on Ifilm. It was filmed in Sydney, Australia and uses many of the same locations as The Matrix. Scenes from the film were included on the DVD of Ned, Forsythe's next film after Computer Boy.

It was never fully released, the movie had an injunction put against it, forcing them to never really release it fully. The total production cost was rumoured to only have cost $2500.

The movie homepage used to be but is long since dead. The film was mostly promoted on internet forums at the time being very well received.

This is the transcript direct from one of the hosts:

Metro has often been appalled by the bloated budgets of Hollywood blockbusters. Now an 18-year-old film-maker from Newtown has laid bare Tinsel Town's shameless profligacy by making his own version of The Matrix - which was rumoured to have cost more than $100 million - for $2,500(AUS)! Forsythe, who has seen The Matrix three times, was inspired by spoofs of The Blair Witch Project and his own irritation at Matrix audiences who ooh-ed and aah-ed when they recognised chunks of their own city on the silver screen.

He admits he had to cut a few corners to bring Computer Boy in under budget. Besides writing and directing, he took on the role of Agent Smith, the character played by Hugo Weaving in the original.

"I played him as a mixture of Hugh Grant, Dr Evil and Sean Connery," says Forsythe.

Morpheus, the mysterious cyber-guerilla played by Laurence Fishburne, is portrayed by Marcus Pointon. Forsythe says the resemblance is eerie. "He looks just like Fishburne except he's white and from New Zealand."

The role of "Neo", played by Michael Falzon in a manner reminiscent of Keanu Reeves iconic character "Ted" from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure earned a Best Actor Award at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival[1][2]

Not content with paying homage to The Matrix, Forsythe aimed to enhance the original plot. While the original Matrix has neither a chase sequence involving a Wilderness Society koala or action filmed covertly in McDonald's, Computer Boy has them both.


  • Michael Falzon as Neo
  • Marcus Pointon as Morpheus
  • Simone Chapman as Trinity
  • Abe Forsythe as Agent Smith
  • Marc Turner as Agent Kowalski
  • Brett Garten as Agent Jones
  • Daniel Peters as Cypher
  • Daniel Tobar as Tank
  • Andrew Brittain as Hobo
  • Alexander Hazelbrook as Spoon Boy
  • Justin Hazelbrook as Colour Book Boy
  • Sharyn Winney as Sheet Girl
  • Charles Falzon as Chuck
  • Ryan Tan as Asian
  • Miguel Sanchez as Bob/Oracle/Hobo/Juggler/Koala


Original Music

Opening/Credits track: "New Moon" by Anders and Matthew Nielson


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