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Computer Magazine (and their website is a popular[citation needed] magazine and online news site on computing and technology, offering current news and reviews of popular and new business and consumer technologies, software, hardware, mobile computing, tablets, PCs, Macs, Windows, Linux, telecom, cellular, wireless, data, cloud and science news on digital technologies and everything in the "tech-sphere and digi-verse", especially focused on information technology, devices, software and services and related subjects, such as networking, servers, data centers and corporate data infrastructure technologies, and the Internet. Their online site, since 1997, is located at Computer Magazine produces industry instructional and a popular[citation needed] ongoing webcast/podcast talk show and performs evaluations and reviews of IT industry technology products, hardware, software and services with objective reporting widely respected as independent and objective[citation needed], and trusted in the industry.[citation needed] Computer Magazine is a free publication (in addition to their webcasts and other resources) sponsored by the nonprofit UTCP (United Technology and Computing Professionals) organization, and as such charges no fees for the publication nor is influenced by advertising, so their reviews are relied on in the industry and considered unbiased and thorough. Computer Magazine is one of the early large technology publications and resources available on the web still existent and thriving today [1] and that has remained independent. is a tech news and resources consolidator that publishes part of the site in a semi-time line/blogging format that is popular among their wide following of subscriber and non-subscriber readers[citation needed], allowing readers to respond and comment on various articles. Site contributors include many of the well known technology authors, experts and publication sources, content and articles are provided by major technology syndicators and by external expert technology sources (such as Computer World, Information Week, Network World, Wired, Time, etc.) as well as Computer Magazine staff writers, and is currently managed and edited by the industry veteran Christopher Swearingin an MCSE and former CIO and regarded author[citation needed] as well as contributor/reporter for Computer Magazine and other publications.[citation needed]


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