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All 4 MOF levels for Entity-Relationship Diagrams displayed in the ConceptBase Graph Editor

ConceptBase (a.k.a. is a deductive and object-oriented database management system developed at University of Aachen and University of Skövde. It is mainly used for conceptual modeling and metamodeling in the domain of software engineering and related domains. is free and open-source software.

ConceptBase combines the following features:

  • Object-oriented concepts such as classes and inheritance
  • Deductive rules evaluated by a Datalog engine
  • Active rules conforming to the event condition action (ECA) paradigm
  • Recursive function definitions
  • Metamodeling with arbitrarily many abstraction levels (metaclasses, meta metaclasses)

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  • M. Jarke, R. Gallersdörfer, M.A. Jeusfeld, M. Staudt, S. Eherer, ConceptBase - a deductive object base for meta data management. Journal of Intelligent Information Systems, 4, 2, 1995, pp. 167-192, DOI 10.1007/BF00961873.

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