Conflict Catcher

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Conflict Catcher
Conflict catcher screenshot.png
Conflict Catcher 9 running on Mac OS 9.
Developer(s) Casady & Greene
Stable release
9.0.1 / 2002
Operating system Classic Mac OS
Type Utility
License Shareware
Website n/a

Conflict Catcher was a popular utility software application for the classic Mac OS, written by Jeff Robbin and published by Casady & Greene. It aided Macintosh users in solving operating system conflicts with extensions and control panels (see Extension conflict). Conflict Catcher included a printed manual written by David Pogue.

A macOS version was never released, since the extension mechanisms in macOS does not have extension conflicts. The last version of Conflict Catcher was version 9, for Mac OS 9, sales were already declining and in 2003 Casady & Greene filed for bankruptcy. Conflict Catcher 9 was priced at $63, significantly higher than average prices for utility software.