Conquer the Castle

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Conquer the Castle
Genre Reality
Narrated by Alison Craig
Country of origin Scotland
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 12
Running time 30 minutes
(including adverts)
Production company(s) STV Productions
Original network STV
Original release 3 January 2008 (2008-01-03)

Conquer the Castle is a British reality TV series filmed in Scotland, and broadcast on STV.

The weekly 12-part series followed six devoted city slickers as they swapped their fast-paced metropolitan lives for a crash course in Scottish country living.

With no previous experience of country life, the urbanites faced a gruelling two-week stay at Blair Castle and Atholl Estates in the Scottish Highlands.

The six contestants were tested to their limits, both mentally and physically, while competing against each other in a series of arduous tasks. Stag hunting, wilderness survival, canyoning, stomach churning farm challenges and catching rabbits for dinner are just some of the challenges designed to push them out of their comfort zones.

Every day, the group was divided into three teams of two and allocated a task each. The team members competed against each other to impress their "task masters" - the estate experts - and the most successful contestant of the day was made King or Queen of the Castle with a guaranteed place on the next day's most exciting task. Finally, the person who most successfully triumphed over country life would "Conquer the Castle" and be crowned overall winner of the competition.

The series has since been repeated on neighbouring ITV station, ITV Border and Sky3. In 2016, it was repeated on STV's local TV stations, STV Edinburgh and STV Glasgow.

The shows are available to view online on STV's video player.[1]


Contestant Occupation
Chris Earnshaw (nearly 30) Works full-time in media sales, selling outdoor advertising space.
Muchaneta Kapfunde (28) Fashion Public Relations
Trudie Molloy (35) She works as a receptionist.
Dave McKinlay (30) Self-employed, as a full-time tattoo artist and body piercer.
Kimberley Stevens (20) Ex-Nursery Assistant, who gave up her job in order to participate in the series.
Richard Stirling (39) Self-employed showbiz author.


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