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Conquest is a strategy board game created and published by Donald Benge. First published in 1972 with cardboard pieces, it evolved to plastic pieces and a deluxe set in pewter plated in various metals including gold.

Development of the game[edit]

The game is based on point to point movement and capture, with an innovative recapture interspersed. Pieces may mount each other such as a soldier mounting a chariot, and both boarding a ship. The pieces also include elephants and knights. Starting with a two player version, a four player board was developed which can be played as a free for all, or as a partnership effort. There was another edition published by Donald Benge, Conquest Plus, which introduced catapults and siege engines. Followed by Grand Conquest, which was published in Germany in 2006. Grand Conquest added camels and castles with draw bridges and introduced movement into the fields between the regular movement points. While an English version was printed, (1000 copies) it is yet to be released. On April 6, 2007 Donald was killed in a traffic accident by a drunk driver, and publishing activities were suspended until the game was bought by Numbskull Games in 2010. Donald also invented a chess variant called Quest Chess, based on principles from Conquest.

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