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Conradus is a masculine given name. It is often a latinisation of the name Conrad or Konrad, but is also a Dutch given name. People called Conradus include:

  • Conradus Celtis (AKA Conrad Celtes, 1459–1508), German humanist and poet
  • Conradus Dasypodius (AKA Cunradus, Konrad and Conrad Dasypodius, 1532–1600), Swiss mathematician
  • Conradus de Pistoria (fl. early 15th century), Italian composer
  • Conradus Eubel (AKA Konrad Eubel, 1842–1923), German Franciscan historian
  • Conradus Gesnerus (AKA Conrad Gessner, 1516–65), Swiss naturalist and bibliographer
  • Conradus Hirsaugiensis (AKA Conrad of Hirsau, c. 1070 – c. 1150), German Benedictine monk and writer
  • Conradus Leemans (1809–93), Dutch Egyptologist
  • Conradus Megenbergensis (AKA Conrad of Megenberg, 1309–74), German Catholic writer and scholar
  • Conradus Mutianus (AKA Konrad Mutian, 1470–1526), German humanist
  • Conradus Sapientis (AKA Konrad Witz, 1400/1410 – 1445/1446), German painter
  • Conradus Saxo (AKA Conrad of Saxony and Conradus Holyinger, before 1245 – 1279), German Franciscan friar and writer
  • Conradus Viëtor (1588–1657), Dutch Lutheran minister whose portrait was painted by Frans Hals
  • Conradus Vorstius (AKA Conrad Vorstius and Conrad or Konrad Vorst, 1569–1622), German-Dutch Protestant theologian

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