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The Conseil du patronat du Québec or CPQ (English: Quebec Council of Employers) is an institution that promotes business interests in Quebec, Canada.

It was established on January 20, 1969 and plays a significant role in Quebec politics, issuing opinions on the impact of the governments' decisions on the economy of Quebec.[1]

The CPQ's positions often favour a corporate-friendly governance, fiscal conservatism and constitutional stability or status quo.

Yves-Thomas Dorval is the CPQ's current president.[2]

Marc-André Roy is now the President of the Board of Administration.

Presidents of the CPQ[edit]

Rank Name From To
1 Charles Perrault January 1969 May 1976
2 Pierre Des Marais, II May 1976 May 1978
3 Pierre Côté May 1978 May 1982
4 Sébastien Allard May 1982 June 1986
5 Ghislain Dufour June 1986 February 1997
6 Denis Beauregard February 1997 June 1998
7 Gilles Taillon [3] June 1998 January 2006 [4]
8 Michel Kelly-Gagnon April 2006 March 2009
9 Yves-Thomas Dorval March 2009 Current

Presidents of the Board of Administration of the CPQ[edit]

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