Conservative Anglican Church of North America

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Conservative Anglican Church of North America
Theology Evangelical Anglican
Polity Episcopal
Governance Bishops
Structure Diocesan
Moderator Val E. Rose
Region United States
Origin January 6, 2001
Official website

The Conservative Anglican Church of North America is an Independent, theologically Conservative Church in the Anglo-Catholic tradition, based in Katy, Texas. The Church is Evangelical, Catholic and Full Gospel in its theology and practice.

It is not in communion with The Episcopal Church (US) or the Church of England. However, the Church is in full communion with the Church of South India, and embraces and recognizes Christians and ministries in other branches of Christ's Church as valid expressions of God's Spirit at work in the world.

Although the Church does not ordain women as priests or bishops, women do serve in the capacity of Deaconess. The Conservative Anglican Church of North America recognizes the value of the ministry of women and fully supports their work as essential to the furtherance of the work of the Gospel.

The Presiding Bishop is Archbishop Val E. Rose of Texas, a retired Michigan Deputy Sheriff. He served as an Instructor for the Michigan Sheriffs Association Chaplain's Training Program, and has worked in numerous volunteer programs in jail and prison ministries.

Their office address and phone number is listed on their website, as well as contact email addresses.

The Church welcomes all inquiries, and will provide a copy of their Statement of Faith, their Canons, and Apostolic Succession upon request.

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