Consiglio Universitario Nazionale

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The Consiglio Universitario Nazionale (CUN; Italian for National University Council) is an elected body representing the various sectors of the Italian university system. It was established by law n. 18 of 26 January, 2006. The current president is Andrea Lenzi, professor in endocrinology at the Sapienza University of Rome.

The council is composed of a president and fifty-seven members. Forty-two are elected by the professors and researchers, eight by the National Council of University Students, three by the Conference of Rectors of the Italian Universities, three from the technical and administrative staff of the universities, one from among the deans of faculties and one from among the university administrative directors.


This article originated as a partial translation of this version of it:Consiglio Universitario Nazionale, its counterpart in the Italian Wikipedia.

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