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Constance L. Jackson is an American film director, producer and writer.

She is president and CEO of Los Angeles-based Permanent Productions, Inc., a communication enterprise specializing in healthcare and behavioral concerns. Jackson has spoken at national and international conferences on issues affecting cultural understanding. She is the past president, board member, and regional education chair of Soroptimist International of Los Angeles and Camino Real Region. Jackson was also past state coordinator of public relations for the California National Organization for Women. For many years, Jackson’s corporation provided physician-centered healthcare management and marketing services that has aided physicians in sustaining medical practices in minority communities through the employment of public/private partnerships.

Since founding the film production company in 2002, Constance Jackson has created two feature-length documentary films; Over The River...Life of Lydia Maria Child, Abolitionist for Freedom (theatrical release 2008, RT 140 min.), Blitz Attack: The Andrea Hines Story (theatrical release and Academy Contender 2005, updated 2008, RT 120 min) and a follow-up to Blitz Attack, titled Blitz Attack: The Andrea Hines Story, Part II - Revelations (2007, RT 50 min.). All three films have been well received by niche audiences, historians, students, universities and libraries in the United States and abroad.[citation needed] Jackson is currently[when?] working on Red Hope?: The Blacklisting of Hope Foye (her story, her songs), a documentary film about progressive movement singer Hope Foye and the impact of the Red Scare / McCarthy era of the 1950s.[1]

Over the River…Life of Lydia Maria Child, Abolitionist for Freedom is director Constance L. Jackson’s second feature-length documentary film in two years tackling tough issues that make up the nuances of the American culture. In 2008, Ms. Jackson also authored a book about abolitionist Lydia Maria Child with the same title, Over the River…Life of Lydia Maria Child, Abolitionist for Freedom. The book includes an introduction by leading Child historian, professor Carolyn L. Karcher.

Jackson's other feature-length film, Blitz Attack: The Andrea Hines Story looks at a California child-on-child brutal murder and what lead up to the murder. Blitz-Attack parts I and II with its CD-ROM training manual are recognized by the Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADAC) and the California Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (CAADAC) as continuing education tools for drug counseling and drug education.



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